Thursday 11 December 2014

Three Wise Women

An Advent Calendar of Stories
December 11 2014

Three Wise Women

Janet Bunce

Poyo (palm wine)

Quietly and with a sisterly understanding they prepared for their journey.
It would take many days on foot to reach the mother and baby but they knew this was important.
They carried gifts to present to the baby in recognition of this birth.
Each with a special significance.
A crystal symbolising the healing process that had started.
A white dove to mark the peace and hope that now would be felt.
And an embroidered cloth with the Adinkra symbol, “Aya” for endurance.
All for this special girl. The first baby born in their old village since Ebola had been eradicated.

About the Author
Janet lives in Epping Forest with her husband and works in financial services. She has had 2 stories published in the Best of CaféLit 2013 and is hoping to build on this in 2015.

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