Tuesday 9 December 2014

Christmas Spirit

An Advent Calendar of Stories
December 09 2014

Christmas Spirit

James Leeder

Cold Turkey

Once, his head had been full of dreams. Hamlet. The West End. Hollywood! Now he sat in the back of a department store, strapping on padding. The hangover pounded behind his temples, and he belched as he forced down his breakfast aspirin. Two sunken bloodshot eyes peered blearily back from the washroom mirror as he adjusted his wig and beard.
Kids screaming, fighting, crying.
He could not face one more day.
He lifted the red coat, and a note fell out.
“Santa. Please make Mummy well again.”
He wiped a tear. Straightened up.
Today he would BE Santa again.

About the Author

James Leeder grew up in the North East of England but now lives in London. After many years of work he is now spending more time on writing fiction, and trying to learn the piano.

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