Monday 11 November 2013

100 Worder The Seasoned Traveller

100 Worder

Dawn Knox

The Seasoned Traveller

Espresso (Italian, with a caffeine kick)

‘Don’t know how these youngsters can afford priority boarding,’ the smartly dressed man said to Mia, nodding at the group of teenagers who were queuing behind them.
‘No,’ she agreed politely, although it only cost an extra £10 for priority boarding. Expensive, but hardly exorbitant.
He spent the next ten minutes trying to impress Mia with his knowledge of airlines and travel and she listened politely, hoping they wouldn’t be sitting together.
Finally, the gate opened and he offered the girl his ticket and passport.
‘Scusi, Signor, this flight is for Parma, Italy and your ticket is for Palma, Mallorca…’

About the Author
Dawn Knox has been writing for several years and has had horror and sci-fi stories published in various anthologies and romances published in magazines. She has just discovered the delights of Flash Fiction. 

Tuesday 5 November 2013

100 Worder Three Pence Each

100 Worder

Gayle Beveridge

Three Pence Each

Flat Lemonade

He set three empty bottles on a counter he couldn’t see over. Each carried a three pence refundable deposit.
‘I’d like a Rocket Icy Pole please; from the bottle money.’ He spoke with confidence; he had rehearsed.
Old Clarence stared from beneath verandah eyebrows. ‘Where’d you get the bottles boy, your mother never buys soft drinks.’
‘A red one please.’
‘I reckon you stole those bottles from the crate out back. I reckon you’re a thief, boy.’ Old Clarence slammed his fist on the counter and one of the bottles toppled.
The boy watched it fall; then turned and ran.
About the author
Gayle loves her family, dogs, sunsets and chocolate. Her stories appear in anthologies, including Award Winning Australian Writing 2009 and 2012, Mosaic, The Umbrella’s Shade and Vegemite Whiskers. She has placed in Australian and international competitions and tweets very short stories on twitter @GayleBeveridge. More about Gayle at http://www.ficklefictioncom