Terms and Conditions

1.      Definitions:

a.      Story – this is the story we publish daily. They are usually fiction though we sometimes include a little memoir or other creative non-fiction.  We have even been known to include poetry.

b.      Saturday Sample: you may submit an extract of a full work- novel, novella, short story collection or flash fiction collection – and provide links to where people may purchase the book.  This does not have to be one of ours! 

c.       CafeLit serial. You provide a series of interlinked stories. Each one should be complete in itself. There will also be an overriding story arch.  If we like it we’ll make it into a book for you.  

d.      Sunday Serial: this is for an unpublished work of fiction or creative non-fiction, or a collection of stories or flash fiction that we are happy to publish via our Bridge House, Chapeltown or Red Telephone imprints. We publish it maybe a couple of chapters at a time.  We give it a light copy edit and proof read.  We invite readers to comment. Once the serial is finished, we take it forward to full publication. Part of that publishing process will include your response to any reader comments.  

2.      Story length should be 50 to 3000 words. Occasionally a Sunday Serial might be a little longer.   

3.      By submitting a story to CafeLit you are agreeing to having the story posted on the CafeLit Magazine site: https://www.cafelitmagazine.uk/  and in the annual Best of CafeLit book if it qualifies. 

4.      We generally accept, reject or decline your work within 30 days though occasionally it may take a little longer.  If it is taking longer, please get in touch if you wish to know the status of your story. Please use the contact form on our site.

5.      We accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere. Please use the contact form on our site or withdraw your work via Duosuma. 

6.      We are happy to look at reprints as long as you have the rights back to that work.

7.      We reject some work outright; the most common reason is because the text is too long. We decline other work because we just can’t fit it in at the moment. If your work is declined, rather than rejected, you are invited to resubmit after six months if you have not found another publisher for it.    

8.      Copyright remains with you though please be aware that we may also wish to include your work in our annual Best of CafeLit book.

9.      You are asked to provide a short third person bio, and if you wish, to add up to three links. You are advised not to include personal contact information and we will remove this. By providing this information you are giving us permission to post this content on our site.  

10.  We complete a short copy edit / proof read before your work is posted on the site. We make very little alteration to your text. We correct typos, grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes, and only very occasionally replace a repeated word or an awkward piece of phrasing. We may also make presentation changes to bring your story into our house style.  We accept both US and UK spelling but expect your story to use one or the other consistently.

11.  We expect to keep your work on our site for one year. However, even after one year we only take it down if you ask us to. 

12.  We pay a small royalty for accepted works. This is based on the amounts paid into our Tip Jar and into our Ko-Fi (Shout us a Coffee) accounts. Half goes to our writers and half goes towards maintaining the site and setting up the next Best of book. These are paid even on Saturday Samples and Sunday Serials.

13.  Should your story make it into the Best of CaféLit or should we agree to publish your CafeLit serial you will receive a profit share of 50%, rising to 75% once the book has sold over 200 copies.

14.  Profit shares and royalties are calculated 1 January to 31 December and paid by the following 31 March.                       

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