Wednesday 17 December 2014

Football Results

An Advent Calendar of Stories
December 17 2014

Football Results

Roger Noons

A cup of Camp coffee made with powdered milk

My mother was a trained dressmaker and tailoress. In December 1947, when either she, or one of our neighbours, could acquire a remnant of material, she would run up a blouse, sometimes a skirt. She would also create the pattern using newspaper. I would sit in the corner of our living room playing with whatever toy was my current favourite. On a Sunday afternoon, after my father had come home from work, he would sneak a look at Nellie Cotton’s bosom and smirk, as he read, Arsenal 2 Portsmouth 3, on the front page of the Sports Argus.

About the Author

Roger Noons is perhaps one of our most prolific contributors and while not overtly festive I liked the nostalgia in this piece. You can read many of his stories here as well as in The Best of CafeLit series.

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