Monday 22 December 2014


An Advent Calendar of Stories
December 22 2014


Roger Noons

There’s one bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau left

I knew she’d come as soon as she read the message on the card. ‘Seasons’ Greetings from Rob.’ The absence of ‘and Jan’ would motivate her to pack a bag and rush to the station.
    It was just after seven fifteen, the tail end of 'Barwick Green' was playing, when there was a single ring on the bell. I opened the door and stood aside. She marched in, turned and grinned at me.
    ‘Welcome back.’
    ‘I said I’d come as soon as you got rid of that bitch.’
    ‘Yes my dear, but how long will you stay this time?’

About the Author

Roger Noons is a regular contributor to the CafeLit site and we are delighted to have a few of his on this year’s Advent Calendar of stories and in the Best of CafeLit series. We like humour!

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