Friday 27 January 2023

Love Struck by Linda Chandanais, hazelnut latte

 Cupid's arrow pierced my heart and left me crazed for the girl I’d called lobster lips and chicken legs all through school.

Suddenly, her slender legs curved in all the right places and I yearned to kiss her luscious lips, even as she sneered, ‘Leave me alone.’

I sent her flowers, candy, and two lovebirds. I even wrote a song and sang most of it before she turned the hose on me. I would have tried again if it wasn't for the restraining order.

So, I declared my love for her on the front page of the local newspaper, at Krogers in the dairy aisle, and at Sunday church service even though the pastor said it wasn't exactly witnessing.

 She remained unswayed. I was left with no other choice. I made the call.

A blindfolded ride in a black sedan put me face-to-face with Cupid himself. He was taller than I expected and reeked of cannabis. He was eating BBQ.

‘Sounds like I’ll need to use the supercharged serum,’ the cherub said as he licked the sauce off his fingers. ‘It's expensive plus you need to know only one of you can be lovestruck. If I shoot her your spell disappears.’

 But I reasoned if she’d had me lovestruck I wouldn't be needing Cupid’s arrow. I paid the cherub.

Two days later there was a knock at my door. I found good ol’ chicken legs on my porch with a red rose between her donkey lips. 

About the author 

Linda’s love of storytelling began with ‘stories from her head’ told to younger siblings. After a decades-long hiatus called adulthood, Linda has renewed her passion for storytelling. Her works have been published in The Drabble, Entropy Squared-A Story in 100 words, Everyday Fiction and SpillWords


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