Wednesday 11 January 2023

Late Night Snack by Madison Randalph,coffee


Evan walked the edge of the woods. The moon was partially hidden behind the clouds and the trees would appear suddenly out of the darkness before disappearing once more when he passed. Gravel crunched under his shoes, too loud in an area devoid of nocturnal life. A scent pricked his nose, growing stronger. Fresh blood!

A deer appeared around a bend, and a teen crouched over it tearing flesh with his teeth. Blood stained his sweatshirt and he grunted with each bite. 

“Mom says it’s time for dinner,” Evan called. 

The teen bumped his fist, and they walked home together. 


About the author

 Madison Randolph is a reader by day and a writer by night. Her works have appeared in Friday Flash Fiction, The Drabble, Bright Flash Literary Review, Spillwords, The Chamber Magazine, A Story in 100 Words, Free Flash Fiction, Microfiction Monday as well as 101 Words under the name Ryker Hayes. 

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  1. Another surprise ending. Your very good.