Thursday 30 October 2014

Scary Story 100 Worder The Last Tango

Scary Story
The Last Tango
Dawn Knox
Absinthe – a treacherous drink
He seized her hand and led her to the dance floor. Tightly embracing, their bodies matched the rhythmic beat, in a deadly dance that he must win.
Her youth and vitality would be his once he'd overcome her, giving him strength to search out a fresh life to claim. So far, he'd survived and thrived, devouring the life from countless dancers. Fools who'd pitted their strength against his, and lost.
But this partner would not relinquish life so easily. He realised with alarm that she was formidable indeed. Closing his eyes, he absorbed the music and danced for his life.

About the Author
Dawn Knox is married with one son and has been writing for several years. She has just had a YA eBook published, entitled Daffodil and the Thin Place and has written a script for a play to commemorate World War One, which will be performed in her town this year. Dawn enjoys a writing challenge and has had stories published in various anthologies, including horror and speculative fiction, as well as romances in several women's magazines. One of her 100 Worders is to be included in The Best of CafeLit 2013.

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