Thursday 9 October 2014

100 Worder A Fishy tale

100 Worder A Fishy tale

Janet Bunce

Fishy Green Ale (with acknowledgement to Harry Potter)

I know I haven’t always been a fish but it seems daft that I should reason that.
            Every day I swim in shoals trying to catch minnows or trying to hide from predators.
            My companions seem oblivious to the perils but not me.
            How many times have I seen them chasing false bait or eaten in one large mouth?
            When I see lines it creates a memory for me.
            I remember waders, casting in, lager in hand watching for a bite.
            Oh how the tide turns.
            If only they (unlike me) believed in karma.
            What comes around, goes around (sometimes!)

About the Author
Janet Bunce is enjoying writing short pieces. When not writing she works in financial services, runs in the forest and travels as much as possible with her husband.

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