Monday 6 October 2014

100 Worder: The Burn

100 Worder: The Burn

Janet Bunce

Water (Adams ale)

They carried water on their backs.
Each of them conscious of the sweat trickling down their faces.
The sun previously their saviour no longer providing any light but excreting unbearable heat.
They prayed for an end.
Each carried a memory of a loved one now departed. Family or friend who had been unable to survive the ever increasing temperatures.
Each knew their time on the planet was limited.
Thoughts turned to nature; to mankind — the world’s biggest provider but also its most excessive user.
No-one spoke but a whisper could sometimes be heard: ‘It was your world to cherish.’

About the Author

Janet Bunce lives in Essex with her husband. When she is not working in financial services she likes to be active either writing or participating in sports. She is proud that one of her 100 worders has been selected for Best of CafeLit 2013.

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