Wednesday 29 October 2014

Scary Story 100 Worder The Hobo

Scary Story
100 Worder The Hobo
James Leeder
Ant Juice – chilled
Whack! Whack!
The shoe heel missed as his target sped away from the picture frame.
‘Got it,’ he said.
            ‘Oh, there’s a horrible mark now!’ she said, peering in from the doorway.
He pulled out a tissue and wiped at the crushed remains. ‘I’ll get rid of it in the morning,’ he sighed. ‘Come on, we need to hurry now. No more huge spider.’
‘It looked much bigger on the floor.’ She said, defensively.
The Hobo spider had clung on desperately, now something was pushing into her cosy, dark shoe. She raised her poison fangs and struck.

 About the Author
James Leeder grew up in the north east of England but now lives in London. After many years of work he is now spending more time on writing fiction, and trying to learn the piano.

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  1. Thank you James - now I shan't sleep tonight. My grandsons found a nest of false widow spiders in the garden shed last month!