Friday 31 October 2014

Scary Story 100 Worder Books Don't Lie

Scary Story
100 Worder Books Don't Lie
Janet Bunce
Satan’s Whiskers cocktail

‘Long ago in a time when humans were hunted,’ reads Janice to nephew Tom.
She glances at Tom already asleep after one sentence.
Silly book thinks Janice laughing at the grotesque cover.
She creeps downstairs, pours a glass of wine and settles to watch TV.
She flicks channels. Nothing appeals on this Halloween night.
Eyes close. Unread pages of the book reverberate in her mind. ‘Must be the wine’.
An evil cackle rocks the room.
Dreaming she thinks.
            Opening an eye she gasps. The TV displays a painting (a Goya she recalls) but clearly the person being eaten is her!

About the Author

Janet works in financial services but enjoys writing short stories especially those with a sci-fi or horror theme. She plans to write more in 2015.

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