Friday 10 October 2014

100 Worder Too Old

100 Worder Too Old
Lucy Hill
Cold tea

The door bell echoed through the dusty house. No one moved as it rang again. No one could what with the shots that sprayed their brains across the wall.
     Outside the daughter, with the gun ringing in her ears, was worried. She started to look through the rain-stained windows, which was quickly followed by a high-pitched scream. Neighbours came running to help her as she fell to the ground. She knew that this would happen one day, but why today?
     As the police sirens began to get closer all she could say was they got too old, just too old.

About the Author

Lucy started creative writing at secondary school and rediscovered the joy of writing again in her thirties. She mainly writes fantasy short stories and flash fiction but is dabbling with other genres.

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