Friday 31 October 2014

Scary Story 100 Worder A Charming Visit

Scary Story
100 Worder A Charming Visit
Helen Laycock

Old Mother Tattersley’s dappled hand gripped the willow twig. As she stirred, she hummed steadily. Not a tune, more the score of a bumble bee.
The acrid steam spiralled; its droplets pocking the gnarled beam; simultaneously, the left shoelace of Reginald Tait unwound, serpent-like. Mother Tattersley’s drone strengthened. Miniature wings flashed in the steam, disappearing like falling glitter.
Inkblot wound around her, purring. Leaning over the pan, she drew in a lungful of magic and blew.
Outside, Reginald Tait stooped towards his shoelace. The icicle hanging in the eaves plummeted down.
No road would be built through Mother Tattersley’s house.

About the Author
Helen Laycock has written eight children’s mystery/adventure books, a couple of poetry books and three collections of short stories for adults, one of which includes flash fiction. She has had around thirty wins/shortlistings for poetry and short stories, successes including Words With Jam, The Ryedale Book Festival, Writing Magazine, Writers’ News, Writers’ Forum, Flash500, Thynks Publications, Erewash Writers and various online contests. She has a story published in An Earthless Melting Pot (Quinn Pub.), four pieces in the One Word Anthology by Talkback Writers (Alfie Dog Pub.), several entries in The Aspiring Writers 2013 Winners Anthology (Blue Dragon Press) and a poem in Songs of Angels (Thynks Pub.). She is a regular contributor to 100-worders on the CafeLit website and is to be featured in The Best of CafeLit 2013.

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