Thursday 23 October 2014

100 Worder Spectre-cle

100 Worder Spectre-cle

Helen Laycock

A shot of clear spirit

Pippin. Her favourite carousel horse. Tendrils of his pewter mane curl like piped icing all on one side of his proud neck, but his head is dipped in deference. The rows of little greying teeth are parted in what she believes to be a secret smile.
Astrid’s arms envelop the little boy who clings tightly to the pole, a giant birthday candle. She breathes in his skin, his hair, his very essence and smiles at his laughter, as free as floating bubbles.
And, as the seasons pass, Astrid rides. Each little child that passes through passes through… and replenishes her.

About the Author

Helen Laycock has written eight children’s mystery/adventure books, two contrasting collections of short stories for adults and collections of humorous poetry. She has had around thirty wins/shortlistings for poetry and short stories, successes including Words With Jam, The Ryedale Book Festival, Writing Magazine, Writers’ News, Writers’ Forum, Flash500, Thynks Publications, Erewash Writers and various online contests. She has a story published in An Earthless Melting Pot (Quinn Pub.), four pieces in the One Word Anthology by Talkback Writers (Alfie Dog Pub.) and has recently had several more entries included in The Aspiring Writers 2013 Winners Anthology (Blue Dragon Press). She is a regular contributor to 100-worders on the CafeLit website.

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  1. Br-be-brilliant story, Helen, and d.d.definitely spooky!

  2. Glad to have shaken you up, Liz!!

    Maybe you should go and read something fuzzy to negate the trauma... :)