Friday 23 August 2013

100 Worder Assassin’s Lament

100 Worder

Gayle Beveridge

Assassin’s Lament

Absinthe – Death in the Afternoon


She was in his sights but it wasn’t time yet. It was her inaugural open air address as president. There was a bonus due him if he assassinated her during her first sentence.  
               A shame; she was his country’s great hope, an honest politician, an end to corruption. His employers had expected her to lose but the people had voted otherwise.
               Hell, he’d voted for her.
               She stepped up to the podium. 
               He fired. One shot to the head. Her first word was only a puff from her lips. 
               It was as planned, he was the best of his kind.

About the author
Gayle loves her family, dogs, sunsets and chocolate. Her stories appear in anthologies, including Award Winning Australian Writing 2009 and 2012, Mosaic, The Umbrella’s Shade and Vegemite Whiskers. She has placed in Australian and international competitions and tweets very short stories on twitter @GayleBeveridge. More about Gayle at:

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