Wednesday 21 August 2013

100 Worder A Ruinous Package

100 Worder

John Byatt

A Ruinous Package

Mother's Ruin – a shot of something explosive

It was my finger sliding underneath the parcel tape that set alarm bells clanging within me. Everything slipped into slow motion, like a replay of a winning goal. But I couldn't stop my finger from careering to the opposite end of the package. A muffled click came and went, and it was too late. Only as my spine shattered against the filing cabinet, my arms tore away left and right, my legs split downwards, opening out like a fan, and my head spun like a ball through the shattering window, did I realise that my blood would ruin the carpet.

About the author
John Byatt lives in SW England where he writes science fiction stories for the fun of it, but would like to publish something in the future. John has only been writing for a few years, aside from a few poems now and then, but is now trying to make up for lost time, being best inspired by the sea.
The only thing he has had published so far is a
couple of flash fiction stories in One Word Anthology, available at

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