Tuesday 6 August 2013

100 Worder Shake Your Booty

100 Worder
Mike Olley
Shake Your Booty
Isotonic Rum

Rosie had never felt more stupid in her life but had decided to front it out. Stuck flat on her back for the next half hour with everyone staring at her. So what if stripy tops weren't in? She could take the other girls' sniggers. And what was so wrong with the gold earring she was sporting? She'd seen worse. The eye patch was an embarrassment but could pass as a legitimate ailment. The five o'clock shadow was more difficult to explain; the parrot and fake wooden-leg nigh on impossible. Rosie wished she'd read the invite to Pilates class properly.

About the author
Mike Olley made pop videos but gave it all up to live next to a Spanish castle, where he grew cactuses, practised carpentry and wrote strange funny stories. Unable to take the heat any longer, he returned to England with his sense of humour and a half-baked novel. His first collection of short stories is Better.

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