Friday 9 August 2013

100 Worder Promises

100 Worder


Roger Noons




Cocoa in a Snoopy Mug



‘Right, off to bed now, and don’t forget to say your prayers.’

‘No Mummy.’


Timmy shuddered as he entered his bedroom. He always brushed his teeth, as he did not want them to fall out, but he hated the lingering minty taste.

He drew back the top sheet and underlying blanket, and then knelt, resting his forearms on the mattress. He closed his eyes and leant forward.

‘God bless ...’ he paused, opened his eyes. He swallowed and again closed his eyes; pressed the palms of his hands together.

‘God bless Mummy … and please stop Daddy hurting me.’



 About the Author

Roger is a regular contributor to the CaféLit site and a couple of his stories have been selected for theBest of CaféLit 2012.

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