Monday 19 August 2013

100 Worder Tomorrow

100 Worder

Janet Bunce


Black Velvet

What if I woke up tomorrow to find an alternative world?
That light was dark and dark was light. Not possible thought Cathy, the factual scientist sleeping in that in-between world. What makes today seem different though? Could it be that the ceiling is lower than remembered? Is the bed narrower than before? She moves wondering why her toes touch wood. Surely the bed end was not that close? Suddenly eyes open seeing the confines of a box — a coffin? Panic sets in but then she remembers although no-one else notices that she is already dead. Tomorrow is the same…

About the author
Janet Bunce is a director in financial services with a latent creative side. She lives in Epping Forest with her husband and tortoise and would like to write full time.


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