Thursday 22 August 2013

100 Worder Uncoupled

100 Worder

Rosie Canning


Sparkling wine to hide the taste

I knew she would be there, dressed in bright colours to show her unsadness.
               Even now I can hear them banging on the door. He never loved her like he loved me. 'Only next of kin,' said the bitch at the hospital. I hurried away with his keys and locked all the doors. He once told me he had to get married. I had always said no, it would only spoil what we had. I will stay here, in his bed, with the smell of him all around me. I’m spending my last hours close to his things.

About the author

Rosie Canning is a co-founder of Greenacre Writers. She has written several short stories and flash fiction pieces which have been long/short-listed in competitions and published in anthologies and online.

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