Friday 1 July 2022

Produce by Phyllis Souza, vegetable smoothie

     Maggie holds up a soft cucumber.  ‘Organic! Hmph.’ She glares at the produce worker.

     Rotating the vegetables, the clerk says, ‘On sale. Buy one, get one free.’

     ‘You've got to be kidding. Those cucumbers are old.’ Maggie frowns. ‘I can’t believe this store advertises fresh produce.’

     Maggie inches her shopping cart forward. Beefsteak tomatoes. Overripe. Splits in the skin. ‘What the hell.’ 

     Moving on to the grapes: red ones, fresh off the vine. Maggie glances right, left, and right. She snatches one and pops it into her mouth.

     Lips pucker—nose wrinkles. The grape flies from her month and smacks the face of the clerk.

     ‘Is there a problem?’ the worker wipes the grape doused in saliva.

     ‘This grape tastes like it's fermenting!’ Maggie complains.

     ‘Supply chain issues.’


About the Author

 Phyllis Souza, a retired real estate broker, lives in Northern California. She writes short and flash fiction. Her stories have been published in The Raven’s Perch, Cafe’Lit, Spillwords, Scarlet Leaf Review, Mad Swirl, The Drabble and Friday Flash Fiction.


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