Sunday 17 July 2022

A Word with the Landlord by Dawn Knox, milk


‘Well, I can only tell you what I’ve seen and the evidence looks pretty damning to me. When they signed the lease, they claimed they were a family of three. But I know for a fact there are four people living in that house. The only explanation is that they’re contravening their contract and are sub-letting.

‘Could they have had a baby?’

‘No, the fourth person is an adult. And from what I’ve seen she’s definitely at home. She eats there and sleeps there. And anyway, trust me, Mother Bear did not give birth to a girl with blonde hair.’

About the author


Dawn’s three previous books in the Chronicles Chronicles series are The Basilwade Chronicles, The Macaroon Chronicles and The Crispin Chronicles published by Chapeltown Publishing. You can follow her here on on Twitter: Amazon Author: 

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