Wednesday 27 July 2022

As Rare as a... by Dawn Knox , oat milk


‘Ma! I’m home.’

‘Jack! You’re late! I expected you hours ago. Tell me what happened.’

‘Don’t fret, Ma! I found the man and he agreed to give me a refund.’

‘I should think so too. A fine cow is worth far more than a handful of beans.’

‘I told you he was reasonable.’

‘So, where’s the cow?’

‘He said he’d deliver it tomorrow. But it’s not a cow. I negotiated a better deal than that.’

‘What’s better than a cow?’

‘Look, here’s a photo. I picked it from his catalogue.’

‘Numptie! What are we going to do with a unicorn?’


About the author 

 Dawn’s three previous books in the Chronicles Chronicles series are ‘The Basilwade Chronicles, The Macaroon Chronicles and  The Crispin Chronicles published by Chapeltown Publishing. You can follow her here on https://dawnknox.comon Twitter: Amazon Author: 
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