Saturday 16 July 2022

Five by Two by Fleur Lind, Blue Lagoon Cocktail

 Stan’s ‘trademark’ steely gaze glinted in the water.  He was all style, and he knew it. He had noticed how the younger ones looked at him in awe.  His muscles flexed as he moved, his body lines were sleek with no unnecessary weight to carry about, just pure unadulterated toned muscle.  He didn't do love handles but had the right amount of coverage to be appealing to prospective mates.  His eyes were focused, always searching for something interesting to happen.  He would work for a tasty morsel or a good big chunk if he had to, but if he could get his next feed the easy wa, that was all well and good.

Syd, on the other hand, was very down-to-earth.  He had known Stan since they were nippers. When he saw Stan getting a bit ahead of himself and stealing the limelight, he gave him a flick on his pointy snout to pull him into line.  Only Syd could get away with that.  None of the others dared. 

With social distancing being enforced, extra care had to be taken not to encroach on another’s space.  In a vast ocean, you would think that would be easy.  Not so.

When a food frenzy was on, if the word got out that there were surfers or swimmers enjoying the beaches again, it would be a free-for-all.  Who was going to care about swimming too close together?  That rule applied to both the surfers and the sea life.

When Stan’s favourite diner ‘Shark n Surfie’, closed its doors due to a lack of incoming body parts, the locals on Coral Lane were devastated.  With the offerings on the menu getting less each week, with not even a surfboard fin to use as a toothpick; things were grim. 

Then the beaches closed.  It all got too much; the finned friends turned to their least favourite food group; seaweed.  It was a dark day when they had to eat their greens again.

After a time, with beaches re-opening, there was new hope for the diners.  All ingredients were marinated in sea salt and with an ocean full of it, the flavour would never disappoint.  But rules were rules. The finned community both large and small would be observing a two-metre space, or be issued with a hefty fine.

‘I’m ready for a feast for kings.  How about you Syd?’

‘I certainly am, Stan. I missed lunch today to make room for dinner, so I’m hoping for a generous plate of food.’

‘Dori is known for her big servings This will be a night to remember.’

Stan and Syd; two handsome Great White Sharks, were sleek and suave in their grey suits. Their dining etiquette was always impeccable. Their sharp teeth glistened as they salivated, two metres apart by five metres long.  They placed their napkins on their laps and waited with anticipation for their orders to be delivered.  There was a knowing glance as all the diners nodded to each other respectfully.  This was their local and business was back on track and lads were back at their regular table.  The menu was new but the good service was unwavering, as was the joy to their tastebuds.  Good times were here again!

About the author

Fleur is a Kiwi, living in SE Queensland. She enjoys the fun, challenge, and possibilities of short stories. She is a member of the local writer's group and contributes short stories to the weekly paper. For more of Fleur's work: 

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