Monday 5 December 2016

W A Mozart R. I. P.

Roger Noons


a glass of Grüner Weltliener

‘Have you heard about Wolfie?’
    ‘He died this morning.’
    ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I’d heard he was unwell. Was it at home?’
    ‘Yeah, Connie had been nursing him, with the help of her sister.’
    ‘What a shame, and he’d just started paying off his debts so they say. He’ll be much missed, I can tell you.  When’s the funeral?’
    ‘Day after tomorrow.’
    ‘Suppose it’ll be a big, posh do?’
    ‘Don’t think so, a common grave.’
    ‘Did he finish his Requiem?’
    ‘I heard not.’
    ‘Pity, they could have played it at the service.’

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