Thursday 15 December 2016


Roger Noons

A Highball


‘What you doing tonight?’ 
    ‘Nothing much, why?’ 
    ‘Wanna come see a movie?’
    ‘Is it a Western?’
    ‘No, Romance, but Max says it’s very, very good.’
    ‘Max Steiner, he wrote the music, he’s given me two tickets. Should be up for an Academy Award, so they say. Olivia de Haviland’s in it.’
    ‘Is she the blonde one?’
    ‘No, brunette.’
    ‘I’m not keen on romantic films, too sloppy, I like a bit of action. I don’t think I’ll  bother, thanks.’
    ‘Well, if you change your mind later, you should look out for it. It’s called ‘Gone with the Wind.’

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