Saturday 31 December 2016

Dinner for One

Robin Wrigley


Glove between his teeth, James fumbled with his door key while trying not to lose his grip on the Tesco ‘Bag for Life’. The blasted key fought against going home. The phone continued to ring. He was very close to tears.

     By the time he managed to turn the key and squeeze past the artificial Christmas tree the phone had stopped ringing. He put the ‘special offer’ of champagne and truffles in the fridge, checked the turkey crown in the oven then switched on the answer machine.

      Angela’s voice crackled, “Sorry love ‘fraid I can’t make it.”

     Not another year!

About the author 

Robin is a member of the Wimborne Writers’ Group where he has been attending for the last three years. His background is that of topographical surveyor and oil exploration country manager working worldwide.

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