Wednesday 21 December 2016

JAM at Christmas

(JAM = just about managing)

Penny Rogers 

mug of tea with two sugars, gone cold.

 With Steve comfortable on the sofa, a beer by his side, watching the first episode of the box set she had given him for Christmas, Laura turned her attention to the washing-up. Jack was in his room, happily setting up his new XBox. The look on his face when he opened his parcel had made all the worry worthwhile. 

            As she washed and dried the dishes she wondered how she’d manage in the New Year, she couldn’t do this again. Steve wasn’t getting any better, he needed constant care, so no chance of her going back to work in the supermarket and Jack was growing up fast. Still, today wasn’t the day to worry. She’d done turkey and all the trimmings, presents for everyone and a few beers for Steve. She was happy to see him relaxed for once.

            The washing-up finished, she decided to have another glass of prosecco to finish the bottle. As she poured it into her glass the doorbell rang. 

            ‘Get that for me will you Jack?’ She heard the boy open the door. She turned round and he was standing in front of her clutching his Xbox controller, pale and shaking. 

            ‘Mum a policeman wants to talk to you. What’s going on?’

            Laura dropped her glass. It smashed to the floor in a thousand pieces. They must have installed new CCTV cameras since she left work.

About the author

Penny Rogers writes short stories and flash fiction, though recently she has written some poetry. She has been published in anthologies including Henshaw Treats (2015), This Little World (2015) and Best of Café Lit 5 (2016) as well as in Bare Fiction, Writers’ Forum and South. She is an intermittent blogger and would like more people to follow her as she is sure this would encourage her to write more entries.

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