Tuesday 7 April 2015

100 Worder In Person

100 Worder

In Person 

Roger Noons

Kaye is a Cava girl, especially Freixnet, around pay day

‘Have you thought of banking on line, Mr. Lawson?” she asked, as she keyed in the numbers from my card.
    ‘Yes,’ I stared at her name badge. ‘Kaye. But if I did so, I would have no excuse to come in every Friday afternoon and enjoy a few minutes in your company.’
    She looked up, frowning.
    ‘I would not have the delight of your sparkling blue eyes; the joy of your variously painted fingernails, the wonder of your butterfly tattoo, nor the sound of your charming, soprano voice.’
    She blushed. ‘How would you like the money, Mr. Lawson?’

About the Author

Roger Noons has delighted us with many of his offerings and is probably one of the most prolific contributors to CafeLit. You can read many of his stories here and in The Best of CafeLit books.

Published April 7 2015

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