Friday 20 February 2015

Slippery Slope

Slippery Slope

Penny Rogers


The first bus leaves at 06.50. I’ll be on it.

Day before yesterday
Pack a bag and hide it on top of the cupboard. Just the essentials: change of underwear, warm top, socks, a towel, tissues, make-up, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and Ted.

Have a shower; not enough time in the morning. It won’t be difficult to get out of the house without them knowing. They sleep like logs.

Don’t look at anyone, must not be recognised.

Day before yesterday
Check connections. I’ll have about 40 mins to wait in Randlesford.

Mustn’t leave any trace I was here. Don’t get a drink. Waste of money and someone might remember. The coach is late and crowded. I recognise a face about half way down. Don’t make eye contact
14.55 Arrive Victoria. They’ll be looking for me now, and realise that I deliberately left my phone behind. Feeling lonely and risk buying a cup of tea and a sandwich. The surly woman who serves me hardly glances away from her magazine. Good.
17.00 I wonder if they are worried.
17.15 Man asks me to talk to him. Creep.

Last week
Row with parents. I do go: sometimes.

Day before yesterday
My tutor says he’s done all he can and I failed because I didn’t do the work.

Find hostel. Room £12.00. Burger and chips £4.50. Coke £1.20. Reassure Ted.

Meet Delvina, she says she can find me work. Go with her to Lolo’s.

About the Author
Penny Rogers writes short stories and flash fiction. She was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize for flash fiction in 2013, has been placed in the Henshaw creative writing competition and has had stories published in Writers’ Forum, Paragraph Planet and Bare Fiction.

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  1. Oh dear! Poor child - and one can see the outcome so clearly. Well done!