Wednesday 18 February 2015

100 Worder Her Journey

100 Worder

Amber Scanlan
Her Journey
Peach Ice Tea

And as she drifted from this world into the next, her soul was ignited by a sudden burst of life she hadn’t felt in years. She no longer held onto her fears; no regrets remained within.
She remembered the last words that rested gently on her lips. How she had let them linger a moment before slowly allowing them to escape her and lose themselves within the soft sounds of relieved and tortured sobs from her loved one.

She smiled at him sweetly for the last time and at that moment, she was finally free. Forever content. At last departed.

About the Author

Amber is a person who has always enjoyed writing but doesn’t often have the time to dedicate to it. She usually only writes poetry and one of her poems was published. She has dabbled with short story writing and has a few stories she is currently working on. One day she hopes to write down her life story (including all the gory bits) and would love to write a screen play worthy of an Oscar.

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