Monday 16 February 2015

100 Worder Sleepless in Suburbia

100 Worder

Roger Noons
Sleepless in Suburbia
Rum and Cocoa

For the second night running, 2 am found me gazing through the window of our front bedroom. On cue, Foxy followed his usual staccato route: darting; pausing; sniffing. He doesn’t like our chippings and is even less fond of the Pick Up which occupies four fifths of the driveway. As he passes, a black shape slithers backwards, beneath the Astra opposite. Once the brush has rounded the corner, Katy emerges. Arches her back, shudders and strolls nonchalantly across; taking up station alongside a rear wheel of the Nissan. Foxy sometimes retraces his steps, within minutes. Katy may know why.

About the Author

Roger Noons has delighted us with many of his offerings and is probably one of the most prolific contributors to CafeLit. You can read many of his stories here and in The Best of CafeLit books.

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