Thursday 5 February 2015

100 Worder Snowman

Judith Ouellette Bezaire

One Hundred Word Story
Passion Fruit Smoothie

December 21, 1638 – December 21, 2010

In the winter solstice, the snowman watched clearing storm clouds. Cast in grey, uncertain dusk, he stood secure now, bathed in the glow of the birth of his own season. Embraced circles of laughter had built him this way. With mischief siding against the tradition of black silk hat, romance's magic imaged itself in the snowman's eyes, where, planted on top of his head, he could spy on the eclipse of the moon. While the lovers slept, undertaken by passion's first heated glow, the moon penetrated earth's shadow, spiked each simultaneous sunrise with heart's hue and buried the snowman alive.

About the Author

Judith Ouellette Bezaire has had short non-fiction pieces published on the Canada Writes website. She loves Canadian history and hopes to contribute something significant to that creative fiction genre.  

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