Saturday 3 September 2022

The Saturday Sample: The Best of CafeLit 11, bitter lemon


It was a difficult job choosing the best 3,000 words or so that we published in January 2021. There are many other stories apart from the ones featured here that I would have liked to publish. Hopefully they might find their way into one of our single author collections or their authors might even decide to

The choice of drink is spot on for Sharon Overend’s Torn. There is something as bitter and as refreshing as bitter lemon about this story.

There is nostalgia and sadness in Alyson Faye’s Two Brothers as mother and daughter look at photos of brothers, uncle and father. The scent of the old lady’s talcum powder
evoke a childhood memory for the daughter.

Allison Symes’ flash fiction Flying Too High contrasts with these two where in just a few words we find out how an aviator learns of his mistake.

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