Thursday 22 September 2022

The Princess’s Hand by Dawn Knox, Champagne

“I’ve told you before, Son, stop wasting money on gadgets from that online store! We haven’t got enough to fritter away on your weird inventions.”

“But Mum! The princess lost a ring in the Royal Meadow and the king’s decreed that whoever finds it can have the hand of the Princess. This is my chance to secure my future!”

“And you think that metal detector you’ve built will help you find the ring? That Meadow’s huge, and it’ll be packed with suitors looking for it.”

“Exactly! I’m going to make loads of detectors and sell them. I’ll make a fortune!

About the author

 Dawn’s three previous books in the Chronicles Chronicles series are The Basilwade Chronicles, The Macaroon Chronicles and 'he Crispin Chronicles'published by Chapeltown Publishing. You can follow her here 
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