Tuesday 3 February 2015

100 Worder Bloody Mary

100 Worder

Sue Cross

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Only his hard, cruel eyes could be seen. The balaclava hid the rest of his face. He was clad entirely in black and wielded a large sword. Behind him the empty desert stretched and, in front of him, his victim kneeled; a quivering wreck clad entirely in orange. He had read his statement, begging the western world to take heed – or else there would be more to follow.

The terrorist’s sword was lifted in preparation for the execution.

    ‘Cut!’ The producer called. ‘Well done. First take. Everyone have a quick break before we go ahead and shoot the next scene.’
About the Author

Sue Cross has written two novels, Tea at Sam’s and the sequel, Making Scents. She lives in the Cotswolds and enjoys spending time in Spain. Widely travelled, she uses her experiences abroad in her writing. Visit her on www.suecross.com

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