Friday 30 January 2015

100 Worder Dead Quiet

100 Worder

Alan Cadman

Dead Quiet

A mug of hot sweet tea

He stepped out of the car unimpressed. ‘What’s that awful smell?’
            ‘That, my dear,’ his wife replied in a theatrical voice, ‘is the aroma of the countryside.’
            ‘It smells more like horse—’
            ‘Look around at all these wonderful views. You’re going to love it here.’
            ‘But we are townies,’ he said, pinching his nose. ‘I would hate to live in this house, it’s dead quiet and where is that bloody estate agent?’
            She pushed the front door; it creaked open. She reeled back. ‘You’re right about it being dead quiet. He’s on the floor and he is quite dead.’
About the Author

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, Alan took up creative writing as a hobby. He has been writing short stories for nine years. Before that he was the editor of a civic society newsletter for a short while, but had to give it up due to health problems.

In 2011 Alan made the short list for one story and became a prize winner for flash fiction. He also won first prize, of £100, in a poetry competition in 2013. The three accolades were awarded by the same best-selling UK magazine for writers. In 2014 a story of his was included in an international anthology of twenty ghost stories; published in paperback and e-reader. Alan doesn’t write as much as he would like to, due to varying issues, but hopes to continue for as long as he can.

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