Thursday 22 January 2015

100 Worder The Fledgling

100 Worder The Fledgling

Tania Sharman

The Goldeneye – Smooth cocktail made from rum and pineapple juice.
Served with a wedge of pineapple.

Jonathan believed that he could fly. 
He would often feel himself becoming lighter and lighter, until he was lifted up into the sky where he would then swoop and soar on the air currents.
 “That boy is too much in his head, constantly daydreaming,” complained his father bitterly.
“Put your coat on Jonathan, we are going shopping,” said his mother.

They walked to the street corner, where his mother stopped and chatted to a neighbour. “Come along Jonathan,” she said, turning to her son. But all that remained were a few feathers on the pavement where he had once stood. 

About the Author

Tania Sharman lives in Chingford in East London. Most of her time at the moment is spent in the production of a pantomime on behalf of her Local Theatre Company. This includes lots of designing of artwork, prop making, and putting together choreography. She has always entertained the idea of being able to write a story. This is only her second 100 word piece that she has written and submitted to Café Lit.  

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