Friday 17 April 2015

100 Worder Jigsaw

100 Worder


Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

A glass of milk and a cookie

It’s a chronological disorder. People call it different things. I call it travelling.
            I don’t know when it’s gonna happen, usually starts with the smell of burning; which is weird, given what happened.
            Nan left the gas on.
            Mum forgot the batteries for the smoke detector.
Dad died.
            I found a pierce of the jigsaw, the one we were doing. “It’s getting late,” Dad said. “We’ll finish it tomorrow.”
            But there was no tomorrow.
            Now I’m gonna put it right.
            Gonna find a way to travel.   
I’ll warn Nan. Tell Mum about the batteries.
            I’ll finish the jigsaw with Dad.

About the Author

Debz edits for CafeLit, is an award winning short story writer, published novelist… hey too egotistical? Forget that. Debz writes because she cannot not write, she also works, to pay the bills, as an editor and professional critter (critiques not fully animals)… no forget that too. Let’s just say: this is a 100 word version of the first story she ever had published in a collection (2008) and might inspire some of you to do the same thing and adapt a story you already have! And if she adds these fifteen words her bio will also be exactly 100 words.

Published April 17 2015

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  1. A fascinating 100 worder, and so sad. (I think you meant pieceof jigsaw)