Friday 24 April 2015

100 Worder New Term

100 Worder

Dr Gill James

New Term

Black coffee: keep it coming

Greg plugged in his computer and hooked up to the internet. Against the wall there was a red crate containing Sonia’s stuff. Her desk would go there eventually. After having an office to himself for six years he now had to share. Still, this building had more character than the other one and Sonia was hardly ever there.
             He clicked on his Virtual Learning Environment. Seminar groups, reading lists and lecture notes were all stored there neatly as you would expect. Teaching would start on Monday.
             One day of freedom, then, before the students made him feel inadequate again.

About the Author

Gill James is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Salford where she is Programme Leader for English and Creative Practice. She writes fiction for young adults and children and shorter fiction for adults. Her latest novel is The House on Schellberg Street.


Published April 24 2015

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  1. Even before I read that Gill is a lecturer I knew. I hope this coming term is better than he expects!