Monday 27 April 2015

Never Again!

100 Worder

Janet Bunce

Never Again!

A caffeine shot

There was so much pain in her body she felt like she had moved to old age overnight.
            Adrenalin pumping, forcing legs on.
            Mentally she was challenged but the ‘Can I go on?’ was losing out to ‘I will go on’.
            She had seen some fall by the wayside along the way. Exhaustion, pain or injury taking them.
            Her heart went out to these gallant people.
            She was touched by all who had come out to offer support.
            It brought tears to her eyes.
            She turned the final corner and saw it.
            The finish line — another 26.2 miles completed!

About the Author
About the author: Janet lives in Epping Forest and works part time in financial services. She has been pleased to have two stories published in the latest edition of the Best of Cafelit. This 100 worder is inspired by her own experiences of running marathons and she is 'looking forward' to running London marathon later this month!

Editor's Note: We published this today as close to the date as possible so we hope Janet has now completed this year's London marathon!

Published April 27 2015

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