Friday 1 May 2015

100 Worder Monday Morning

100 Worder
Roger Noons
Monday Morning
A large mug of hot chocolate

At the bus stop, in last night’s make up, the woman felt her cheeks warm under the schoolboy’s stare. He hitched up his backpack, but his eyes never left her face.
    ‘Are you a clown?’
    She started, thought to rebuke him, but instead sneaked a glance at her reflection in the graffitied plastic. When she saw the streaked mascara and scratched foundation, she laughed. ‘I wish I was,’ she admitted and touched the boy’s shoulder, tempted to tousle his hair.
    When the bus arrived, she let him get on first. She slipped on her sling backs as he did so.

About the Author
Roger is a regular contributor to CafeLit and his work is featured in The Best of collections. He charms us all with his humour as well as his pathos.

Published May 1 2015

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