Thursday 7 May 2015

100 Worder The Hotel Doorman

100 Worder

Janet Bunce

The Hotel Doorman

Hades Cocktail

The revolving door swings round rapidly.
            Trapped within every swirl is a different being.
            Some happy, some sad.
            Some fat, some extremely thin.
            A few look haggard and depressed – obsessed in their own worlds.
            Occasionally the door presents a smiling face – one who loves life and humanity.
            He greets all with a touch of his hat and friendly greeting.
            No discrimination is applied.
            ‘Welcome to the Hotel Styx’ he says.
            ‘Let this be the beginning of your next journey’
            Entering the lobby a scream is quite common as they see Charon waiting to ferry them to their final resting place.

About the Author

Janet lives in Epping Forest and works part time in financial services. Apart from writing she loves sport (both participating and watching) and this is occasionally reflected in her stories. She is also a fan of horror and sci-fi and would like to develop writing in the genre.

Published May 7 2015

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