Friday 10 April 2015

100 Worder The Room

100 Worder

Rachel Hobbs

The Room


As Darrell scowled at the crass, peeling wallpaper in front of him, he decided with dull realisation that he despised this room. He hated everything about it; from the moth-eaten, threadbare carpet with the little round flower patterns to the tacky, outdated lampshades in all four corners. Just breathing in the stale, musty air made him want to gag, and he vaguely wondered when the last time anyone had bothered to open a window was, or let a little light in. No, he could think of a thousand and one places he would rather be tied to a chair in.

About the Author

Rachel Hobbs grew up in a little forgotten village in South West Wales. Its beautiful, remote location making it the perfect place to soak up lots of inspiration on thoughtful walks. She is currently a part time dental nurse with a wonderfully supportive fiancé, who reads everything she writes. Rachel loves to write poetry and short stories in her spare time and is currently in the process of completing her first novel, which she one day hopes to see on the shelves in Waterstones!

Published April 10 2015

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