Friday 6 December 2013


Gill James

Remembering Trivia

Fizzy cola

“I’ve got some bad news,” said Dad. We were sitting in his old Ford Popular outside the Wesley Methodist church hall. He’d picked me up from Guides.
My heart started thumping and my mouth went dry. Had something happened to Mum? Or Grandma? Or Gran?
“President Kennedy’s been shot.”
Was that it? Everybody I knew was all right?
“Yes. He’s dead.”
He’d seemed a nice man to me. Young as well. His wife was very glamorous. Fancy getting shot. But America was like that, wasn’t it?
“Do you want to get some chips?”
“Yes please. With batters.” 

About the Author
Gill James writes fiction for children, young adults and grown-up adults, and teaches Creative Writing in Higher Education. Recently she has developed a keen interest in flash fiction. She is fascinated by how we always remember exactly what we were doing when big news breaks and she wrote Remembering Trivia to celebrate the release of her friend Debz-Hobbs Wyatt’s While No One Was Watching that has J.F. Kennedy’s assassination as the setting.

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