Sunday 8 December 2013



Alan Cadman

Ménage à Trois

A satisfying cup of Earl Grey; no milk or sugar

I am intrigued about who is concealed under a white blanket in front of me. I close the bedroom window, to shut out damp laden air. An earthy aroma still clings to my nostrils as I wipe condensation from panes of glass. Yesterday couldn’t have been more different. A Kingfisher streaked past slender branches of willow that dripped down into the canal. 
                Today, winter sunshine is burning off thick veils of fog. A sorrel is first to appear; then a roan looms silently into view. When an albino emerges from patchy shadows, three handsome horses roam loose around the ménage.

About the Author
Alan has been writing short stories for six years. Before that, he was the editor of a civic society newsletter for seven years. When he first started writing fiction, his published work was rewarded with complimentary copies from magazines. His first cheque arrived on Christmas Eve 2009.
In 2011 he made the short list for one story and became a prize winner for flash fiction. Alan also won first prize, of £100, in a poetry competition in 2013. The last three accolades were awarded by the same best-selling UK magazine for writers. Alan’s work has been read out on Internet radio and his stories are now published in hard copy magazines and e-zines.

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