Monday 23 December 2013

DECEMBER 23 2013: A Christmas Tradition?

DECEMBER 23 2013: A Christmas Tradition?

Roger Noons

A large glass of malt

What an embarrassment!
            I took my grandchildren to the Panto. Alice was a comely wench, but she ultimately led to my downfall. We were encouraged to participate, to call out; hiss and boo. That’s what you do; why you go.
    It was during the second half, we had enjoyed ice creams; made ourselves comfortable. I was as excited as the kids; made a spectacle of myself. When we were asked to call for the Cheshire Cat, I yelled. “We want pussy!”
            Two burly men marched me out of the Circle, made me wait for Ben and Jack in the foyer.

About the Author

Roger Noons has delighted us many times with his mixture of dark and light and this one will surely lift a smile. He is a regular contributor and his work is featured in the Best of CaféLit 2012.

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