Friday 20 December 2013

DECEMBER 20 2013: Christmas Spirit

DECEMBER 20 2013: Christmas Spirit

Roger Noons
High Finance
A pint of lager, extra strength

“You know that woman who lives opposite you?”
“Which …?”
“The one who looks like she’s got footballs up her jumper. Face like the back end of a bus though  …”
“Oh, Elaine?”
“That’s her. Do you know she works in the Stockbridge Building Society?”
“Yes, she’s …”
“One of the top ones in the Branch mate, when she speaks, they jump, I‘ll tell you. Well she’s fixed me up with a mortgage.”
“Oh yes, what’s the rate?”
“No idea mate, I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. In fact, I don’t even remember signing the form.”

About the Author
Roger Noons has entertained us with lots of dark and witty tales and this one just made me laugh and is all dialogue! Some of his stories were selected for the Best of CaféLit 2012.

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